14 Hour Dream EDP


Olfactive family: Oriental
Perfumer: Antoine Lie
Concentration: 20%.

Like a magic elixir, ‘14 Hour Dream’ is composed of warm oriental notes that lead to a psychedelic dimension, giving life to an endless multi-sensorial journey. Vision and audio experiences melt together, blurred by the intense scent of patchouli– taking the memory back, to journeys to India - and twisted by Pink Floyd's Hypnotic notes. The sensuality of vanilla envelopes everything and everyone, evoking visions of an ecstatic crowd dancing in harmony. An olfactory tribute from master perfumer Antoine Lie to one of the 70’s most legendary music festivals and to those sound virtuosities which paved way to new musical dimensions.


Uncommonly without top notes - thanks to Antoine Lie’s mastery - this fragrance is a powerful harmony that goes straight to the “heart”.


Patchouli Leaves, Iris Butter, Black Pepper absolute, Saffron, Vanilla Flowers, Ginger


Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Guaiac Wood

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