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Scent of Abundance EDP


Channel the wealth of the ancient Pharaohs with this exclusive formula of Scent of Abundance that includes the coveted oudh to enhance the fragrance profile – the highly sought-after ingredient makes the Scent of Abundance a diamond in the rough that is unmatched in quality.

Inspired by the abundant culture of the United Arab Emirates, this chic fragrance combines lush, regal scents to elevate your elegance and sophistication. Imagine driving along Sheikh Zayed Road to get to the world of opulence and luxury – you will feel boundless and free to experience everything life has to offer.

The pure 100% oudh fragrance will burst onto your senses in just one spray – do not be overwhelmed by the powerful scent. Give it time to develop first, and your patience will be rewarded. Enjoy the journey of the fragrance notes – within the first fifteen minutes, the fragrance settles the top notes and blends into the middle and base notes. The remarkable aroma’s base notes enrich the skin for an enduring, lasting fragrance experience. From desert city days to Arabian nights, the unmistakable pure oudh scent will intoxicate you through every fragrance note.

Agarwood will carry you to the Arabian Desert and the bustling city of Dubai. The ancient scent in a modern setting puts a new twist on tradition. The multifaceted cashmere wood scent has nuances of spice and wood to playfully arouse your sense of smell while instilling an impression of comfort. Musk and sandalwood base notes create a sultry combination to evoke light, burning incense and wood. Whether you are walking the city streets or out in the desert, this warm fragrance is as adaptable as you are.

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