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Hydrating Boost Tonic Mist


Gentle, balancing purifier that restores the skin's pH level.

Tonifying mist that refreshes and balances the skin. It can be used on cleansed skin to prep prior to treatments and moisturisers, or over make up throughout the day to boost hydration.
Suitable for all skin types.

How to apply
Use morning and evening after cleansing, spritz over face and neck with your eyes closed. Alternatively, spray generously on to a cotton pad and sweep over face and neck. Spray on face during the day to revitalize at any time.

How it works

Our Hydrating Boost Tonic Mist works to balance the skin's pH-level and to regenerate its protective acid mantle after cleansing or throughout the day.

Hydrating Boost Tonic Mist partners perfectly with our Deep Gentle Cleanser, and can be followed by your Day Collagen or Night Collagen.

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